Track all your Fax data in 1000+ apps with Post Fax Events

How it works

Using XenFax, users can send and receive online faxes through the web. No need to maintain huge fax machines to get the work done. Download the app for free and send/remove faxes on the go.

Send Fax

XenFax allows you to send faxes over the internet. Edit, sign and send via Browser or Mobile app. Yes, It is that simple.


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Receive Fax

With XenFax you will never miss an important file ever. Get alerts on receiving an document on preferred channels.








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No Fax Machine – No Printing/Scanning – No More Hassles.

Edit - Sign - Send

Using XenFax, users can add check-marks, text, initials, digital signature and cover pages while sending the fax files. No need to download the file to do the edits.
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Email to Fax

Tired of logging in multiple applications? Now send fax files through your mailer to any registered XenFax number. Sending fax through email is as simple as sending a mail.
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Upload files from Google Drive & Dropbox

Simplify your daily fax tasks – Now directly upload files to the application from Google Drive and Dropbox. Just integrate the application, add files, edit if required and send.
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Get notified of sent and received faxes on your favorite channels like Skype,Slack and WhatsApp. It helps you to take the necessary actions on time. Read More

Need to sign & send a document on the go? Don’t worry. Now digitally sign a document directly from your mobile phone by simply swiping your finger across the screen.    Read More

Using the feature, users can track their post fax events (complete fax data) such as sent and received fax data in more than 1000 apps.

Want to send an urgent fax while you’re at home? Transform your smartphone into a fax machine with XenFax mobile app. Send and receive faxes at any time from wherever you are.
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Don’t let the distance come between you and your business. Wherever you are connect with your employees and business in seconds through efficient VoIP communications. Read More

Create Zaps and track all your Post Fax Events in 1000+ applications. Just integrate XenFax with your desired application and track the data.

Don't buy a higher-end fax plan, as you may not need that in reality. Choose Tiered Pricing, where you only pay for what you use & scale up as per the business needs.

Reach us via live chat or online ticket, whenever there is an issue. Our expert support team will ensure that your queries get resolved at the earliest possible.

Using the feature, users can get notified of their complete fax data in the specified webhook apps through API. It triggers when a fax file sent or received from the account.

The Easiest Way to Send & Receive Fax is Here!

Forget about the hassle of faxing the traditional way. With XenFax, now you can easily send and receive your business documents from anywhere in the world. Save your valuable time and money, as we offer cost effective online faxing plans for businesses of any size. As fax is the shortest way to call Facsimile, XenFax is the smartest way to send and receive faxes online!

Get a XenFax account

Sign up for free to create a XenFax account from the homepage or download our free mobile app for Android or iOS from the respective app stores. No burden of hard copies or heavy fax machines, simply turn your PC or Smartphone into a robust fax machine with XenFax.

Users can add digital signatures, initials, text, check marks, date, cover letters and many more to their fax files. The fax recipient will experience no difference from a standard fax machine.


Get Your Own Fax Number

Our Tiered Pricing plan allows you to start at a very basic price and scale up as per your business needs. Now, get your own fax number at as low as $4.99 along with 100 pages/notifications.

As an admin you can add numerous users and assign a unique fax number to each of them. You can even get notified of all the sent and received faxes in your preferred channel with the Post Fax Events feature.

Send and Receive Faxes

Sending faxes is as simple as attaching a file to an email with XenFax. Simply add recepient’s number, upload the desired files (customize the files if needed) and hit the send button. On the other hand, users can check received fax files in the inbox section of their XenFax accounts.

Users will be notified on multiple channels regarding the sent and received fax files. The price to send or receive number of faxes are calculated based on the tiered pricing that you chose.


About XenFax

XenFax offers new age cloud faxing technology for businesses, which is cost effective and efficient at the same time. We have eliminated the need to own a fax machine for your everyday faxing needs. So, any individual or enterprise can now send and receive faxes easily from anywhere, at anytime.

In a successful business, no detail is too small to escape close attention. So, always get notified of sent and received fax files on your preferred channels like Skype, Slack and WhatsApp. At the same time, track all your fax data in 1000+ applications such as Zendesk, Salesforce, Drive, Dropbox and many more.

At XenFax, our mission is to make online faxing enjoyable for our customers. Our continuous strive to provide the most efficient service at an affordable cost is what sets us apart from the rest.

Why believe our words? Sign up and get access to our 7-day free trial to experience the new age business fax system today!

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Our Pricing

Only pay for what you use!

Plans Pricing
First 100 Pages / Notifications


Next 101 - 500 Pages / Notifications


Next 501 - 1000 Pages / Notifications


Above 1000 Pages / Notifications - $4.99 for Every 100 Pages

  • * Every notification is considered as one page

Why Choose Us

Any business can deliver customer requirements, but only timely communication can help you maintain a long-lasting relationship with them and get you potential new customers. At XenFax, we are working closely with the objective to make the business processes of our customers more efficient and simpler. No more hassle of managing a fax machine. Within a few minutes, anyone in your organization can start sending faxes. Now, put all your efforts in growing your business, as our specialized team is attempting their level best to support you by making the most ideal utilization of technological advancement!

Send Fax on the Move

Turn your smartphone into a fax machine. Wherever you’re, send and receive fax files on the move using the XenFax mobile app. Whether you’re using the app or browser, security is paramount for us.

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