10 Factors to Consider while choosing Online Fax Service for Business

Ditch your ages-old traditional fax machine and sign-in to a new age business fax system. Don’t subscribe to any one of the fax service providers, give yourself some and subscribe to the best provider in the industry.

Though many of the online fax providers come with the same services and pricing, few of them offer relatively lower costs to send and receive faxes, but once you subscribe the service you’ll observe the high rate of inconsistent costs.

The success of your business majorly depends on the online fax service provider, if your company depends heavily on faxing. So following are the few important factors to consider (re-consider, if already subscribed a service) while choosing an online fax service for your business.

Points to Consider while Choosing The Best Online Fax Service?

No setup fee

Make sure that the setup process is as easy as signing/registering up on a website and browse through the list of menus in a short period of time to completely get used to the interface and gain knowledge on how to send and receive faxes. Keep a safe distance from the online fax service providers with a setup cost as most are offering for free.

Desired/Unlimited local numbers

As a matter of first importance, note that the number of countries you can send faxes to are higher than the number of countries you can acquire a local fax number from. In this way, before applying to any plan, make sure to review the list of supported countries to send faxes to as well as the list of countries you are allowed to obtain a fax number from.

Hassle-free canceling policies

A large portion of the best online fax services expects you to enter your credit/debit card details so that they will charge according to your subscribed package. Before adding your card/s, ensure that the policies of cancellation are clear and you can drop your membership effortlessly whenever.

Supports Android and iOS applications

Since we are discussing online fax services, search for a service that has a mobile application, either iOS or Android. Ensure the fax subscribe you are going to subscribe, offer mobile applications so that you can easily send or receive faxes on the move from anywhere at any time.

Unique Features

Have you at any point thought how to send faxes to an extension number or manually operated fax machine? All things considered, there are some online fax services that offer such helpful features to their customers at no additional charge.

Electronic Signature

The feature enables the users to digitally sign the received faxes carefully and send them back quickly.


You should have a robust fax service that is totally useful nonstop. It must deliver all your faxes to you and send all your faxes to your customers or clients without any hassles.

Obviously, missed faxes imply you to lose business, consequently, unwavering quality of any fax service should be first at the forefront of your thoughts while choosing any online fax services.

So altogether look at any service providers, read reviews, solicit your partners or clients from a specific administration, visit gatherings to perceive what different clients are stating, and utilize the immense assets of the web to help you in finding the best service for your business. Do a little homework now to not be disappointed in the future.

Customer Support

Third, you should verify what kind of help a service provider offers. Most reliable service providers offer round the clock support, which you can contact in the event that you ought to have any issues. A few services provide customary 9 to 5 business hours support, which could be an issue on the off chance that you have critical faxes to send and you come into inconvenience and need to hold up to contact.


You should verify whether the fax service is totally scalable for your business or not. Most of the leading online fax service providers offer scalable solutions for companies, on the off chance that you need to scale up or downsize, at that point you can in a split second do this since there is no equipment (such as machines) to introduce since everything is done through online.


Most of the times, your package only covers the sending and receiving a certain amount of pages and need to pay an additional amount for extra pages. So, always get a complete knowledge on your pricing plan. Look at all the expenses related to the online fax service you pick, ensure there are no additional charges that will cost you big. Most of the providers will charge around $10 per month and you get 300 free faxes (approaching/active).

You should pay for additional faxes, rates go from 3 pennies to 10 pennies however there are less expensive rates and plans out there so it pays to search around.

Most yet not all fax service providers have no set-up expenses and most additionally given you a chance to have a free Trial period with the goal that you can look at their services before you buy.

Indeed, you definitely realize the interesting points while picking the best online fax services and now it’s an ideal opportunity to assess the fax providers and run with the one with a higher score.

In the event that XenFax, as extraordinary compared to other online fax services, is on your shortlist, know that this easy to use online fax service not only cover most of the above factors but also comprises surprising and amazing features such as Post Call Events, Tiered Pricing and more.

Since you get the opportunity to attempt the sending fax at a low cost, make a point to go the XenFax site, register, pursue a couple of straightforward advances and appreciate sending and accepting fax in the most helpful way.

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