3 Reasons Why Faxing is Still Important in 2019

You may be thinking, “Faxing? Really? So outdated!”

In a digital world full of virtual meetings and smartwatches, it’s easy to view faxing as ancient history. In fact, fax machines can be found in many technological history museums – and rightfully so. Fax machines, in the physical form, are an absolute blast from the past and have earned their way into technological history.

However, the process of sharing files from one location or person to another will never expire. The only piece of the puzzle that is out-of-date is the physical fax machine. In fact, file sharing is likely becoming more important as employees work virtually and globally. A majority of businesses are still using the faxing process to communicate – let us tell you why.


For the safety and regulation of important and confidential information, many businesses require only hard copies of legal documents. Industries that fall under the umbrella of high regulation may include more than you think – legal firms, pharmaceutical companies, medical device or healthcare businesses, education providers, and more. For a document to hold up in court, a physical “wet” signature is required. This means that any contract, sale, or other agreement will need a physical signature, time stamp, and date to be valid. Since email or snail mail can’t provide this confirmation, many businesses use cloud-faxing to ensure authenticity.


If a company needed your Social Security Number, would you feel comfortable sending that information via email? We hope the answer is a unanimous, “No!”. Although email communication is notoriously unsafe, businesses and users still have the need to share sensitive, confidential information. Thankfully, online faxing meets this need without the worry of hacking. To hack a file sent via cloud-fax, the hacker would need to know the exact time the file was sent – as well as battle the high security and encryption protocols that cover most cloud-faxing software. Many businesses move to cloud faxing after an email hacking nightmare; the true goal is to lessen this risk in the first place.

Cloud Faxing

The first fax machine was created in the early 1800’s, and many of us would argue that it needs to stay in the 1800’s. Thankfully, sending a fax no longer requires a clunky fax machine. Technology and companies like XenFax have come a long way in supporting fax communication on a digital scale. Software on a computer or device now enables users and businesses to create, edit, and send digital versions of documents. Businesses who choose cloud-faxing also have the versatility to communicate with other businesses in any channel. Although fax machines seem outdated, the practice of securely sharing information from one place to another will never go out of style.

In the best interest of business owners and customers alike, companies like XenFax are making it easy and affordable to start using online faxing services. XenFax is able to communicate and track data alongside the channels or apps of your choice – including Google Drive, Dropbox, Skype, WhatsApp, and more. For as low as $4.99/month, XenFax allows you to use multiple channels, give and receive digital signatures, manage documents on a secured app, and the list goes on. Their tiered pricing approach allows you to easily create an account, receive a unique fax number, and begin growing your business needs as you see fit.

Now is the time to get rid of that old fax machine. Now is the time to stop sending confidential information over email. Check out XenFax for new age cloud faxing technology that can keep your information safe, cost effective, and efficient. Still on the fence? Sign up for a free trial.

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