5 Common Myths About Cloud Faxing

With any influential progress in technology come various conventional myths and misconceptions. For instance, numerous people still think the only way to estimate a digital camera’s value is by how many megapixels it has. Some still think the number of bars on their mobile phones represents service speed.

Over the last few years, cloud technologies — generally regarded as “the cloud” — has taken the industry world by storm. About 73 percent of businesses examined reported they are intending to fully shift their computing essentials to the cloud within the next two years.

There will be various myths floating around about its effectiveness, capacities, value, and level of safety. In order to make sense of this event, let’s examine and debunk some of the most common myths about cloud faxing.

In this write-up, XenFax will debunk the myths about cloud faxing.

Faxing or facsimile – a form of telephonic transmission of information which is scanned and printed from an output device. Faxing is complicated is a sheer myth. Faxing is a simple thing which is made complicated as it includes too much physical work. And in this era of fast-paced businesses, no one has got the time and patience to wait for faxes. People want everything to be quick and easy.

Faxing Myths Busted:

  • No one uses faxes as they are outdated:

Yet, research has proved that for several industries – including healthcare, government, banking, manufacturing, and others, fax mode continues to grow year over year and millions of fax machines and are however in order globally. HIPAA compliant faxing solutions are still used by the companies to fax medical, financial and other crucial documents. But one thing is changed here; people now use cloud faxing solutions to send faxes across the clients.

  • Email is more secure than Cloud Fax:

As traditional faxes were sent across the phone lines through PSTN which is the most secure way. And this is similar to cloud faxing systems where this transmission is done through the internet instead of PSTN. Email needs to be encrypted to be secure which is not the case in almost all of the industries. So this makes Cloud Faxing way more secure than emails as the process is convincingly secured than emails.

  • Cloud Faxing is expensive:

With XenFax solutions available @$4.99 for a month, cloud faxing is no more an expensive service. Even the startups and SMBs can afford to have cloud faxing solutions for their business. Cloud faxing which is paperless will also save costs from ink, maintenance, and paper. Cloud Faxing enables you to save energy consumption while reducing the carbon footprint of the company which directly effects the environmental changes.

  • Faxing is outdated. Yes, but not cloud faxing:

No doubt that fax is the most trusted mode of communicating confidential information, but with time everything needs to get an update and so is faxing. Fax machines can be obsolete, but faxing isn’t. Cloud faxing is the new gen faxing solution for companies who need up gradations but also need the security of fax machines.

  • Great Faxing solutions do not exist:

whoever says this doesn’t know that XenFax exists! XenFax is the new generation cloud faxing solution which has the most advanced features to offer to the customers.

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