5 reasons to switch to Xenfax

Wire, Wireless, Telephone, fax app… Fax or facsimile has evolved by leaps and bounds in the last century. Digitization has completely changed the way we do things today.

No longer do we like standing in lines for booking movie tickets or flight tickets, nor do we make an excuse like “Sorry I don’t have excess to the file from home. I will send you when I go to the office tomorrow.” In the corporate world, people still find value in sending faxes rather than using e-mail to send large files. However, due to limitations, secure fax has remained a distant dream for years.

But not anymore!! You don’t need to maintain a huge fax machine to handle your faxes. Instead, you can use an app that let you fax documents from your PC, Laptop or Smartphone. It would be equally fair to say that changing business demands have more or less driven the evolution of fax. XenFax offers its users a one of its kind P2P robust fax solution powered by digital signature and cover page. Custom-made to meet the digital needs of modern-day SMEs and startups, in brief, it is one complete fax solution that is cost-effective yet efficient.

Here are 5 reasons to switch to Xenfax today!


When you desire ease of doing business, a manual fax machine is the last thing that you would desire in your office. Be it the time-consuming setup process to send-receive fax or the recurring paper-jam issues; manual fax can be very frustrating. This is not the case with Xenfax at all.

The Xenfax secure fax eliminates all manual faxing headaches. All you need is an internet connection to send-receive fax from your mobile or desktop. Plus, the fax app lets the user select multiple recipients and send the same document to each one of them.


With Xenfax phone from fax is as flexible as it can get.  It doesn’t matter whether business managers are traveling or in the middle of an important meeting, they can now send-receive fax anytime anywhere uninterrupted. Even if one is working from home, Xenfax gives secure access to important documents, so that your work does not get hampered at all.


To set up a manual fax system, businesses need to allocate considerable capital for upfront hardware cost. Not to mention the over the top secondary expenditures like toner costs, paper costs, etc. And this does not end here; the monthly phone bills are also equally taxing on businesses and especially startups.

XenFax, on the other hand, is a new age business faxing system which allows you to send faxes over the net for free in the trial period and upgrade within the period for premium features. This means you can say goodbye to fax machines forever and thus businesses can save cost and enhance their ease.

Full-Proof Security:

Unlike manual fax, where fax copies more often than not lie unattended on the machine tray. Xenfax keeps sensitive documents secure from prying eyes. Features like cloud storage and end-to-end encryption make faxing using Xenfax a completely secure fax service.

Further, Xenfax post call events make fax audit trails more accessible than ever.  Fax record keeping is easy with well sorted incoming-outgoing logs.

Quick Deals:

One of the key features of Xenfax is the one swipe digital signature. This is ideal for businesses where contracts have to be signed immediately. Law firms, real estate companies, and many other businesses can finalize deals faster using Xenfax digital signature feature. With Xenfax users can sign legal documents on the go without any hassle or security concerns.


As per an estimate manual fax machines eat up billions of pages each year. More often than not faxes are automatically printed which means even spam or broken fax transmissions are printed. With Xenfax one can print the fax only if it is required. This not only reduces operational cost for businesses but also saves a lot of trees.

Switching to Xenfax today is one business decision that you will never regret.

Contact us at support@xenvoice.com or sign up at https://portal.xenvoice.com/register for a free trial.

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