5 Reasons Why Companies Still Use Fax Solutions for Business

Is fax outdated? Not really.

Many companies still use fax solutions for business. If you go by the statistics, fax is growing at a rate of 27% every year. And, that’s not a small number!

Few other important facts from this IDC survey report are:

  • 82% of users saw fax usage increase or stay the same over the previous year
  • Almost a quarter of respondents reported a massive growth between 50 – 74%
  • With a growth rate of more than 16%, the manufacturing industry is leading the way
  • Use of faxing in the healthcare industry has grown by a rate of 9%
  • From the smallest financial firms to major fortune 500 investment companies, faxing has grown by 7%

As if this was not enough, a new generation of faxing technology called cloud faxing is also here.

But have you ever wondered, why companies are still using fax solutions for business?

Here are 5 significant reasons why many businesses still prefer faxing in some form or the other.

Fax is More Secure

There are many ways how you can transfer a document from one place to another. However, fax is considered to be the most secure form of document sharing. Email is a convenient way though, but multiple email hacking news and data breaches don’t allow companies to rely on it. So, when it comes to email vs faxing, the later one is surely the winner.

A fax travels through the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) which is more secure than any other means of file sharing. Also, a fax document is encrypted before transmission. This ensures that it can be personally intercepted only after reaching the destination.

The only loophole is, sometimes a fax machine is kept unattended allowing unauthorized access. However, cloud faxing can eradicate that problem too.

Customers are Using It

Let’s be honest. Few companies use faxing only because their customers are using it. Many customers prefer faxing over other means of document sharing. Globally, faxing is considered to be the standard form of file transferring.

Industries like shipping and logistics need to fax documents on regular basis. In fact in the medical field, around 75% of all communications are done through faxes. So it is obvious that you have to use a fax for your customers.

Cheap & Convenient

Security and compliance are of much importance in many sectors. However, very fewer options are there when it comes to sending a document securely. Secure emails are costly and you surely don’t want to empty your pocket every time you send a document to your client.

Faxing is a cheaper alternative and it is more convenient too. Faxing a document is really simple as all you need is a phone number. Unlike emails, you don’t have to take the hassle of printing a document. Also, the time spent on faxing a document is much lesser compared to others.

Faxing is Mandatory in Regulatory Industries

Highly regulatory industries like government bodies, financial and legal firms, pharmaceuticals and healthcare are very much rigid about accepting documents. Emailing doesn’t offer the same level of confirmation which they expect.

Signatures are mandatory. But for a signed document to be legally accepted, it must contain a genuine signature. And e-signature on an email is not always accepted. So, faxing remains the only alternative to physical presence. That’s why, legally bound documents like contracts, agreements, deeds etc. are always faxed.

Also, date and time are of much importance when it comes to any kind of dispute or to prove when a document was sent or received. This is not possible in the case of emails, however, online faxing can provide these details accurately, making it a better alternative to traditional faxing.

Sending Signatures Made Easy

Fax solutions for business have made sending signatures easy. Security in faxing is a big relief why many people can now send their signatures without worrying.

You can rest assured that your signature will be shared with the intended person and no one else. Signature on a fax document carries the same importance as the originally signed ones.

Faxing Has a Better Version Too

Now, that’s not all. With all these inherent benefits, faxing has a better version too. Faxing has evolved a lot since its inception. With advancement in technology, fax has also gone digital. Online faxing or cloud faxing offers effective fax solutions for business.

With internet fax services, you can now fax a document from the convenience of your smartphone. Whether you’re at home or travelling for business, sending a fax is not an issue anymore. You can also edit your document, add signatures and send back the signed document with just a few clicks.

Online fax services also offer some add-on benefits like scalability, mobile app, digital signature, multiple channel integration and a lot more to make faxing easier.

Wrapping Up

In many industries, still, there is no better alternative to faxing. So, unless some big changes take place, fax is not going to die in near future. And, with the emergence of the new age fax solutions for business, faxing will always be in demand.

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