5 things you need to know when faxing documents online

A working millennial is full of youthful energy – the latest gadgets, high-end machines, and smartphones. But when it comes to faxing he’s still using the old-fashioned fax machines? Today’s offices are well equipped with all the latest devices and technologies yet use fax machines for sending faxes.

We can change this scenario!

Let us put this to you straight, don’t use fax machines, instead send and receive faxes online with the help of cloud faxing. Companies like XenFax, provide cloud faxing systems which are an exceptional alternative to the traditional faxing systems.

But before using online fax, you need to know the utility it will give to an employee and the business at large.

Here are 5 things you need to know about faxing over the internet.

  • Easy and accessible:

Faxing business documents over the internet is evidently more reliable and comfortable when compared to the archaic fax machines. Sending business faxes over the cloud might be an unreliable task for the people who use fax machines. But when you send faxes over the internet, you use the internet connection, which is a protected way to transmit any information.

  • Digitized signatures

With this digitalized world, take your business to a digitally sound platform and send faxes over cloud. Use your fingers to sign documents and send them instantly over the internet.

With XenFax, you can also update documents by adding text to it. XenFax gives you the advantage where you can add images, checkmark documents, add text and drag where ever you what to.

  • Send faxes from your smartphone

Save your time by sending faxes from your smartphone. A convenient way to edit documents, sign them and send instantly will not take much of your time and energy. This becomes very advantageous in the case where to need to add a last minute improvements in the documents. Add the date in your documents or edit it with text if you want to add some last minute changes in the clauses.

This becomes handy for the finance and real estate industry. Faxing through a machine becomes a hectic task as it involves many steps which need to be done every time you send a fax. As these industries rely on faxing heavily and send numbers of faxes every day, it becomes simple while sending from a smartphone.

  • Annotate documents

Boost your productivity by editing documents on-the-go. Online faxing gives you features like editing documents from a mobile phone. Edit a document, add text, or images from the web. XenFax also allows you to checkmark in a document, change font and size or add an image while editing a document.

  • Send from cloud

Control your overheads costs and go economical. Cut expenses with the maintenance charges, daily budget on papers and tones. You can also save the physical place as there will be no fax machine present physically.

While you send a fax from the cloud, you can store them in Dropbox, Google Drive or in your local drive.

While sending from a smartphone, you can directly store the document in your smartphone.


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