7 Ways How Internet Fax Services Can Boost Productivity of Your Business

Anyone who is using an age-old fax machine is well-aware of the glitches associated with it. Busy signals, ink-shortage, the overhead cost of ink, toner and paper, the hassle of repairing and replacement, to name a few.

Many times, for sending a single fax also you need to stand in a long queue in front of the fax machine. And that is a complete waste of your time and energy.

Internet fax services are designed to eradicate such problems and offer you stress-free faxing. But do you know they can boost your productivity as well?

Faxing documents online is not just simple file sharing. The process is much more complex and sophisticated than sending a document as an attachment.

Online faxing can transform the way you share your business documents and help to manage your business in a simpler way. Here are 7 ways how internet fax services can boost productivity and take your business to the next level.

  • Save Your Time on Faxing

Internet fax services are best known for the mobility and flexibility they offer. You don’t want your employees to waste time while standing in a queue for sending a fax or waiting for a fax to transmit and then resending for failed transmissions.

Also, not to forget the time wasted for dialing a number only to find busy signals. Once a fax is sent you’ll have to call the recipient to ensure that someone is there at the receiving end and check for successful delivery.

Internet fax services enable you to save time by eliminating all these pitfalls. You can send a fax directly from your desktop or mobile with just a few clicks. Just specify the recipient/s from your contact list and attach the documents to be faxed. Your online fax solution will do the rest.

  • Digitally Sign Documents from Anywhere

Have you faced the situation when you had to sign and send a document urgently, but you were not near to a fax machine? I am sure, many of us have gone through this.

Business deals are time sensitive. They can even get cancelled if you don’t send a signed confirmation on time. However, it is not always possible to be with the fax system. What if you’re at home or travelling outside?

Digital signature is a very important feature of the internet fax services that enables you to electronically sign a document on the go. Now you don’t have to go searching for a printer or scanner whenever you need to send a signed fax urgently. Close your business deals faster with an internet-based fax service.

  • Organize Your Faxes More Efficiently

Archiving your fax files is not easy. Not only it takes a lot of time, but also you need a lot of space to keep them. Also, sorting is another challenge. How many times it happened you needed to view an old fax file but could not even find it from the pile of documents?

With internet fax services, you can easily access your faxes with a few clicks. All your received and sent faxes will be saved in your inbox. Organizing your fax documents was never this easy. Also, some online faxing services allow you to save your faxes for a lifetime, so that you can see your documents as and when needed.

  • Integrate with Your Business Applications

APIs and webhooks have made our life easier by boosting productivity and collaboration. They allow different platforms to interact with each other. Integration is another great feature of internet fax services which enables you to keep a track of all your received and sent faxes.

Different companies use different business applications for various purposes. Whether it is your CRM software or an office communication tool like Slack, all the functionalities of an online fax solution can be easily integrated into your preferred business application.

  • Send Fax to Multiple People Together

Another feature of online faxing that can boost your productivity is its ability to send a fax to multiple recipients together. You can just prepare the document one time and send it to multiple people at the same time. This helps you to reduce fax related issues and improve collaboration.

Internet fax services like XenFax allow you to send a fax to 5 people at one go. So, you don’t have to wait in the line to send the same fax document again and again. Now, all of your recipients will receive their copy of fax at the same time.

  • Secure Your Documents and Be Stress-Free

It is not always possible to stand in front of the fax machine whenever a new fax is received. So, many times, a received fax lies unattended for a long time. Anyone who is visiting the area during that time can access sensitive information. And you surely don’t want that.

Security is one of the best features of online faxing services. With that, only an authorized person who has access to the faxes can view them. Now, increase the security of your fax documents and remain stress-free.

  • No More Fax Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting fax issues consume a lot of time. With internet fax services your IT team can be more productive as they’ll not have to troubleshoot any fax related issue. Problems like jammed papers, replacing empty toner cartridges, failure to receive faxes are very common.

However, you can easily save time and energy on solving these issues by opting for an online fax solution. This enables you to concentrate on some more productive tasks like taking initiatives for effective marketing and strategic growth.

Wrapping Up

Not only internet fax services help you to cut down on the cost of maintaining the age-old fax machine, but they also allow you to save paper and have a greener office with less disturbances.

Increasing productivity is a major concern for businesses. Don’t waste your precious time to do things the ancient way. Move to online faxing and reap the benefits of a highly productive team.

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