Are Digital Signatures Valid in the US

According to Capgemini research, on average, companies that depend on digital communications and solutions are 26% more likely to be profitable and will have 12% higher market estimates than the others in the industry.

Digital signatures picture one of the biggest chances to quicken a transformation towards operating digital business solutions. In 2000, the U.S government passed the ESIGN Act to facilitate the choice of electronic signatures, leading in a new era of document streamlining. In this law passed, it allows legal validation to digital signatures and check if all parties to a contract prefer to use digital documents and to sign them digitally.

However, 17 years down the line, most businesses lack a clear knowledge of the validity of digital signatures.

The only question asked by a business consultation is: how can I ensure that my digitally signed documents hold up in a court of law?

The court accepts “wet signature” and “dry signature” both.

A “wet signature” is a signature which is wet, albeit briefly, wet from the ink on the document.

A “dry signature” is on which is a copy or a faxed version of a wet signature.

Cloud faxing and Digital Signatures

Faxing is a secured form of sending business and legal documents. But, in this global digitalization, faxing is not the option which the companies look forward to. This is where companies need reliable and rapid system which solves issues like these.

When sending a fax is urgent, a fax machine is the last thing your company needs. Who will sign the document and feed it back through a fax machine, or worse, if your reps are in felid, and have to search for a fax machine to do the same?

Incorporating a cloud faxing system will not hold up. This way you can add digital signature on the go and send faxes from anywhere in the world.

Your representatives will be capable to save their saved digital signature directly onto their digital file before securely faxing it. And they can even swipe their signature or upload a file of it by using XenFax solution.

The digital signature from XenFax solution is a great way to boost your business.

Benefits of signing documents digitally

In today’s rapid-paced business situation, it’s critical than ever to be available and responsive to clients and partners anytime, anywhere. By enabling you to sign and send documents on the go, XenFax’s Digital Signature helps you:

  • Rapid decisions: Add your digital signature instantly, no matter where you are, and send your signed fax by XenFax.
  • More Responsive workforce: Enhance your client relations by signing and returning documents more quickly.
  • Save Time: Sign your documents without looking for a scanner, printer or pen, and paper.

XenFax Faxing and Digital Signature

With low expenditure to incur, XenFax provides cloud faxing solutions which are affordable. You only have to pay for the charges of paper faxed. This saves costs on equipment and other maintenance costs which are recurring and burden startups and small businesses.

XenFax has the efficiency you need. You can send multiple faxes to multiple numbers at a time. So, you can save a notable amount of time and boost the productivity of your business. You can even check for the sent and received faxes in your preferred channel like Skype, Slack, and WhatsApp. Also, get notified of received fax and reply promptly.

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