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It’s 2019, and people still use the old faxing machines for sending and receiving faxes.

“Facsimile” also known as “Fax “was present since the 19th century.  The present-day fax machines came into existence after the 1970s. The very first machine similar to the present day fax machine was used by Alexander Bain in the year 1846.

The fax machine backed harsh competition with online fax and lost the competition as the greatest number of people are operating with online fax instead of fax machines for their business tasks. If you’re stilling using fax machines then it’s the right time to switch to XenFax. And we’ll give you the reasons.

Reasons for using online faxing – XenFax

XenFax for SMBs and startups:

With better technologies coming into the market every now and then, the use of the fax machine is nearly outdated. Business and startups are adopting modern online faxing. With the arrival of modern technologies, SMBs and startups are increasingly accepting and utilizing new technologies.

XenFax is a high-level cloud faxing system with secured encryption to enhance the user’s experience. With XenFax, users can have a prominent shift from email to fax with the most advanced features. This will help businesses send and receive faxes with an effortless platform streamlining the workflow of the business.

3 reasons to use XenFax

(Why is XenFax better than competitors?)

Cost-effective with a Tiered pricing plan:

Price is the value what customer pay. This is very crucial while providing a service to a massive sector of the market. The price quoted for service must justify with the service offered.

At XenFax, we provide a solution which not only justifies the pricing quoted by also it does give you the best features in the market. Our unique pricing model is itself a solution for SMBs. In our tiered pricing, we have solutions for all the business communication requirements.

With a base price of $4.99 for a month, XenFax is the most reliable and affordable online faxing system in the market. The price we offer make us the most viable solution for your business communication needs, which comes at the most affordable price.

Flexible with multiple channels and app integrations

XenFax has the flexibility a startup or SMBs need. With companies having massive technological growth, XenFax offers multiple channel integrations. It doesn’t matter where your managers are, they can receive and send business documents from there itself. Even if the staff is working from home, they can easily send faxes with the XenFax Mobile application. This way your work does not hamper and the business functioning will run smoothly.

Best features from XenFax:

  • Digital Signature: Want to sign & send a report on the go? Don’t fret. With XenFax, you can digitally sign a document right from your smartphone by just swiping your finger over the screen.
  • Zapier Integrations: XenFax integrated with Zapier, which automates your work and productivity. With Zapier integration, connecting 1000+ apps will be easier. Integrate your other business apps without hiring a developer.
  • Webhook: Get notified of your complete faxing data in your specified Webhook apps through API. This way you can have real-time faxing data at your fingertips.
  • 24×7 support: XenFax support team is an intense and helpful team. We will make sure you suffer no issue when using our application.

Shifting to XenFax now will be the best business decision that you will never regret.

Contact us at or sign up here and register for a free trial.

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