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Faxing is still an important business requirement for many businesses. The growth of online faxing has automated sending fax and is developing an all-time high. While there are numerous cloud faxing services, not all of them provide the productivity a company needs. While promising business-class solutions, many of these providers actually offer a simple solution which is mostly unsecured.

But this is not the case with XenFax. XenFax is a faxing solution which is a new age solution that provides characteristics like digital signature, Fax to email, and integrations to 1000+ applications.

In this write-up, we will discuss how XenFax will help you increase your profits and productivity.

XenFax features which help increase profits:

The below-mentioned features directly contribute to increasing your company’s productivity thus contributing to the increase in the profit margins.

  • Save time:

Time is money. When you save time, you save money. Faxing numerous documents through fax machine is time-consuming, this means that you are wasting time. And here in this case you are also wasting money.

Employees are wasting their time in numerous steps performed while sending a fax. Don’t waste your precious time faxing. Instead, get online and start faxing over the internet and increase your profits while you save costs and fax online.

  • Save Costs:

Costs of toner, paper, and other additional supplies essential to keep these fleets of fax machines working are steadily ticking up. These expenses can also be irregular and come without warning – who knows if a machine might break down – which makes budgeting all the more painful.

XenVoice provides a customer-made solution for businesses that help boost the company’s productivity and lower the overall costs occurred to the company. This fax system can integrate with the applications your company uses and this way you can be more productive and can save costs for the company.

  • Secure and rapid faxing:

Cloud faxing is the most secure and the fastest way to send fax these days. But how does it contribute to the business profits? We have a direct connection here. You have the security and the speed you need which a fax machine does not provide.

The users find it easy to send faxes via web or mobile without any intervention. This makes it easy to be productive and focus more on other important priority tasks. This makes the employees more productive and company can save costs.

  • Handle high-volume faxes:

 Faxing consumes most of the time which reduces the productivity of the employees which directly affects the profits of the company.

Do your employees spend most of their time faxing? Do they deal with heaps of papers to fax to the clients? With cloud faxing solutions from XenFax, your employees can send faxes from the cloud. The employees have access to mobile applications and can send faxes from wherever they are. This saves their time and this time saved can be out to some work which is more productive and thus this can add up to the profits of the company and save costs.

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