How Cloud Faxing Could Get Businesses Great ROI

Business analysts urge that up to 100 billion faxes be sent each year. This indicates that the fax is yet a crucial business tool. A very notable percentage of businesses globally use fax as a vital and dynamic element of their information transfer and business processes. The importance is emphasized in certain categories, such as the secure exchange of medical records in the healthcare industry or the transfer of legally binding signatures in the legal industry.

Fax appears to many people as ‘old fashioned’ technology. Paradoxically, this has turned out to be its chief strength. It has evolved over decades into a globally trusted document transfer system.

It is hard to imagine how a viable option could be produced without a great deal of time, effort and cost. It is even harder to assume why anyone would try.

With the growth of information exchange, fax implementations have changed as well. Electronic fax solutions – whether through on-premises fax servers or cloud-based services or a mix of both in a hybrid deployment – are changing primary fax functionality and developing upon it.

Once a simple and protected means to transfer paper-based business files, fax has become an essential part of an organization’s document management system.

Cloud Faxing Capacity

Cloud faxing solutions also have the capacity to produce vital and continuous, tangible cost gains to every business in a field where enterprises have been traditionally unsuccessful at managing their assets. Research has revealed that the average business contributes more than six percent of all revenues on document generation – this rises to almost 14 percent for the legal industry for faxing. Investigators estimate that printing expenses continue to grow at an annual rate of 20 to 40 percent.

The cost savings that can be accomplished through integrating cloud fax services with MFPs should make this one of the simpler business decisions your business is likely to face – although, the expense should not be the only reason to fill the gap between fax capabilities and the MFP fleet.

The analog telephone lines that many fax systems are based on are becoming much more costly and will be phased out over the next decade or so. In addition, it makes little business sense to have your fax function on distinct communications channels from your other business communications.

The IP infrastructure that supports your data and – increasingly – voice communications present the perfect platform to utilize a complete series of advanced fax services that can bring fax together into a complete Unified Communications solution.

You are capable to optimize the fax capacities of your current MFP fleet – eliminating the necessity for expensive fax tools or dedicated phone lines – while providing a steady migration route to a completely FoIP or cloud-based fax solution. You can drive from simple and protected paper-based document transfer to a complete end-to-end document production and delivery environment.

This enables the business to afford the ideal fax solution for your business – whether conventional on-premises fax servers or cloud-based fax services.

XenFax cloud services are particularly designed for the high capacity, high performance, high-security business environment making Cloud faxing eco-friendly.

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