Cloud Faxing From Mobile Phones

Just a call away! Connecting with people has become so easy that it is taken for granted. Earlier, a telephone was a luxury which one a few could affords but these days phone technology has become a necessity.

From sending telegraphs, and mails for business communication, our way of dealing with information exchange has shifted from telephone line to online and email, texting and the internet. For this purpose, only a device is required. A cellphone, which is equipped with all the features; whether you want to email or send a text or just want to have a conversation.

Then why this is restricted to only texting and calling for business purpose?

XenFax has introduced a mobile application which enables its users to send faxes from mobile itself.

With applications for iOS and Android, XenFax is a new age cloud faxing solutions for small and medium enterprises, startups and even the industries. With XenFax, transform your mobile phone to a fax machine and send business documents from anywhere.

Phone/ Cloud faxing benefits:

Cloud Faxing from your phone can be an easy and simple task which can benefit an organization in a very big way. Improve your productivity and take your business to new heights with increased agility.

  • Send faxes from anywhere

Business doesn’t have to stop because you can’t find a fax machine. It shouldn’t even stop when your boss is not available at office.

Send faxes even when you are on a trip, an important family get-together or away from office. The XenFax mobile application gives you the option of cloud faxing from the application.

XenFax application enables the storage on cloud. This means that all the faxes sent and received are stored on cloud. By storing the documents on cloud, you can have access to your business files at any point of time and can share it without any difficulty.

If you possess records or business documents that you need to fax which aren’t stored on your phone, then you can easily share them with your preferred cloud storage app, such as Dropbox or Google drive, and add them directly an attachment. Then you can send this business document from the XenFax application.

  • Edit documents and add text on the go

XenFax enables its users to edit documents and make changes to it before sending them. The XenFax application allows third-party integrations to make your work seamless and productive. This enables the users to upload files and edit them. The users can add texts, annotate the document, checkmark on the file or the checklist.

This becomes highly beneficial in the event when to require to add last-minute amendments in the documents. Add the date in your documents or edit it with text if you want to add some variations in the conditions.

  • Sign a document

Swipe your fingers over the screen to sign documents digitally and send them immediately over the internet with the help of the XenFax mobile application.

With XenFax mobile application you can close a business deal within few minutes and get along with other important works.

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