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Cloud Faxing basically means faxing a document over the internet. Cloud faxing uses a technology where the documents are sent using the internet. This service is hosted over the cloud system where all the documents are stored managed and processed through a server. This server can be a computer or any local server.

Fax in the cloud faxing refers to the same document used in a fax machine. The only difference here is these faxes are encrypted before they are sent over the internet. This makes it impossible for anyone to hack, view or tamper these documents. This transmission is the best reliable source for transmitting private documents in the crucial industries like legal, real estate and medical.

What cloud faxing solves?

Many businesses are mainly concerned with only 3 things namely security, cost, and accessibility. And all these 3 aspects are taken care of by the XenFax cloud faxing system

Security in Cloud Faxing:

The cloud faxing is much more secure than the traditional fax machines. Here is the reason why the cloud faxing system is a reliable source when it comes to the security of the documents.

  • As the cloud faxing system encrypts the documents and files before sending the data is more secure than the outdated fax machines that do not have any encryption system.
  • Fax machines send using a common phone line where the documents can be received by anyone on the other end. However, in cloud faxing there is no chance of such kind of vulnerability. Even after secure transmission, the cloud faxing system ensures that the documents are sent only to the intended receiver.
  • Cloud faxing system stores the file on the cloud. This means that even after receiving the files, only the user has access to the documents received.

Cost benefits in Cloud Faxing:

Cost is an integral factor while purchasing anything. If the cost of a service is relatably less than its substitute, the whole of the market prefers the cost-effective substitute. The same thing goes for faxing documents. As the cloud faxing system is more cost-effective than the traditional fax machines in terms of price, maintenance, and other cost benefits.

Fax machines are associated with the repair, which costs huge amounts when it comes to maintaining a fax machine. The costs related to fax machismo not stop with the repairs. This can go further to the electricity, ink and paper costs and more importantly the physical space, which it takes while at the office premises.

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Accessibility of the cloud faxing system:

In today’s every-growing technology backed business environment, being mobile is the foremost criteria every business look forward. The cloud faxing systems comes with the applications which are both mobile and web-based. This gives the cloud faxing system the accessibility, which businesses need.

The users will no more be constrained by the paper process and can fax when on the go.

With facilities like digital signature, notifications on preferred channels and Zapier integrations, XenFax can be the best Cloud Faxing service provider in the fast-paced business environment.

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