Cloud Faxing to help Startups

Starting a small business is usually a process loaded with vital investments which include making out an IT infrastructure, expenses on a property down payment, hiring employees or building a strong marketing plan – expenses which can immediately drain a nest egg.

These are the main reasons why successful businessmen are always on the verge to cut costs from the business expenditure.

But don’t worry! We have one formula, one idea, one approach where a startup company can cut costs. The businesses can make use of cloud services rather than spending on hardware and IT infrastructure. Using cloud services, such as online fax or VoIP, can help your new business save money without decreasing efficiency or professionalism.

For instance, organizations in the legal, healthcare, real estate, and other industries need to send and receive faxes constantly. This is the form of billing documents, client communications or documents requiring signatures. But, buying and maintaining a fax machine can get pretty pricey, and is frequently well out of the budget of startups.

Online faxing gives startups a wide range of benefits. From cost-cutting and improved security to enhanced worker productivity and mobility. For startups, online faxing serves an important opportunity as it involves fewer day to day costs as well as reduced long-term expenses in phone lines, paper, and ink. Keep reading this write-up to know more about the benefits of online faxing has for your business.

Cloud faxing system has enhanced security when compared to emails. Faxes are unsecured when left on a fax machine which can be seen by any passerby. But with cloud faxes, your information is kept secured and personal on the cloud. With XenFax online faxing solution, send your faxes over a built-in secured connection. Here your faxes are encrypted throughout the transmission which signifies more security than traditional faxes and emails.

How many times have you leafed through a pile of faxed documents trying to find the one important fax you actually need?

If your startup receives a lot of faxes all day, then it’s easy for those faxes to become disorganized. These faxes can make up a huge mess at your workplace. To avoid this start using online faxing services to avoid this kind of problems.

Signatures are one of the most powerful reasons why faxing is still important. Digital signatures are deemed to be legally potent than signatures sent via other methods. Cloud fax service organizations know this and that’s the main reason many of these companies prefer to add personalized digital signatures as a basic feature to their services.

You can add your digital signature easily to any document which needs to be faxed. Once you receive a fax from your client or employee, you can use your online fax service’s (XenFax) app or owe browser to create a signature and then directly apply that signature to fax or multiple faxes.

All this can be performed without taking even a single print out of fax.

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