How Companies Can Rely on Cloud Faxing

Fax machines sometimes receive a bad rap for being outmoded technology that has been substituted with email and other high-tech solutions. However, despite its fame, faxing continues to be a feasible mode of communication, as 17 billion faxes are still sent each year.

However, why are people sending faxes but still using the outdated fax machine and not sending faxes through online faxing solutions?  Can they rely on the cloud-based faxing system? It is really safe?

The answer is yes! Furthermore, we will list out the reasons why companies can rely on cloud faxing solutions.

Why Rely on Cloud Faxing

Fax Machine Infrastructure Isn’t Reliable

Let us assume that your company is still using the fax machine (because analysis reveals that most still are), study how these common fax-fail situations could leave your business without fax ability:

  1. If your office’s fax machine jams or breaks (which can result when workers try to fix a paper jam themselves), your team will be held without fax ability until someone fixes the machine.
  2. If your in-house fax server malfunctions, your company’s fax ability will be down until someone reboots the server
  3. If the power breaks at your location, all faxing will come to a standstill until service is restored.

Secure your business

For businesses sharing confidential business files, emails are particularly risky. Passwords are easily neglected, and data encryption is little support when hackers have their sight set on your business. An analysis suggests that almost half of all email accounts have been compromised at some point. Would-be data thieves are very common with platforms such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook.

Cloud fax is more secure than traditional fax considering documents with tender information will nevermore sit out in the open on the fax machine.

Files are encrypted during sending a fax and when you receive a fax, it will only be attainable by whoever has access to the preferred email address or by logging in with a password to the fax portal or application.

Paperless Faxing

“Government research has revealed that fax machines spend 200 billion pages of paper each year in the United States alone” – that’s a lot of paper!

You’d be overlooked for believing that in order to send a fax, you need a fax machine. However, faxing has developed following its inception in the mid-1800s. Technology has advanced to cloud faxing, a recent take on the old formula and a new-age solution to faxing faults.

How companies can rely on Cloud Faxing

Cloud faxing coordinates digital technology and faxing. This is made viable by an application on the computer or smartphone device. It allows you to edit digital documents to include digital signatures that are expected for many businesses processes. You can also upload a picture of a document that needs to be sent. This file can then be sent to other cloud fax technology services or fax machines.

Businesses who practice such technology have the versatility of both sending and receiving faxes, despite whether they use the cloud faxing solutions or a traditional fax machine. Cloud faxing decreases resource wastage yet keeps the highest business connectivity.

Online faxing is the 21st-century response to the demands of old technology. You don’t need a fax machine to send faxes anymore, but faxing can be a significant part of your business strategy.

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