4 Ways Digital Signature Can Increase Business Productivity

Online faxing is easily confused with the process of simple file sharing over the internet. Files sent as attachments in emails does not appear like something very interesting or helpful. However, indeed, online faxing is so much extra than just sending your co-worker a word/pdf document to appear in their email inbox.

Overlooking the mere point that the process is actually more complex than file sharing – online faxing uses email to transmit a document to a fax machine or allows you to receive a fax as an email, or even text message on your preferred channels like Skype and WhatsApp. It is so easy that you can even fax right from Gmail.

The added advantages of mobility and ease of use are exceptional and familiar to several. But what about those lesser-known features that help online faxing modify the way you send and share documents? In order to support you gain the most out of XenFax online faxing service, we gathered a list of the most useful features that can increase your productivity to a completely new level.

  1. Streamlined Workflow

Preparing a file solely on the cloud streamlines the workflow completely. Directly from the creation of a document electronically, up until the execution of the document by way of digital signatures, the process will be online and can occur in a few minutes.

Saving documents manually, recovering the same, filing them, then the periodical updates, etc are all a difficult task to do except if it is done efficiently online.

A modernized workflow guarantees smooth accomplishment of the processes with increased productivity of the employees and the business at large. The services delivery can also happen in a timely manner, which can add to the productivity of the business.

  1. Decreased Use Of Paper

With XenFax, go paperless by replacing your fax machines and make your business eco-friendly by inducing digital signatures. It also neutralizes the use of paper that serves in damaging our environment.

Decreased use of paper, storage, and dependent costs are merely financial benefits. A low carbon footprint is necessary for a business to have sustainable growth in the long run.

XenFax neutralizes the usage of physical paper, physical signatures and having to be physically present to sign a document. This permits accelerated signing and lower the signer drop off rates.

  1. Better Security

With XenFax, it becomes tough to alter, falsify, manipulate or misuse a digital signature because XenFax is reliable and protected as compared to traditionally signed documents.

Digital signature feature in XenFax endures tracking real-time statuses of digital documents and signatures. Tampering and unapproved signatures are restricted with the use of XenFax.

In addition, once a digital signature is attached to a document, it cannot easily be damaged, and an individual’s signature on this document serves as verification of identity.

A digitally signed document can be presented in a court of law as proof of evidence for any differences.

  1. Cloud-Based Archive

Information is more protected when saved and accessed on the cloud. Cloud-based archival allows businesses to digitally save documents without having the requirement for physical servers.

This also means that an individual can access their digital signatures and from any place and check or share the same. XenFax documents are also digitally stored and accessible at any time.

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