Don’t Repair Your fax Machine, Replace It!

Imagine that you have to send a fax to your client, but you are nowhere near a fax machine. You come to the office, turn on your fax machine, get equipped to send that important fax but the machine doesn’t work! We’ve all happened in a related position at some point. Sometimes ago this indicated that you had to purchase a new fax machine, or at least send it for service! But it is not the case today. Here’s a better alternative: If your fax machine stops operating, replace your fax machine with an online fax service like XenFax.

With cloud faxing services from XenFax, you no longer required to possess a fax machine and traditional phone system to be capable to send and receive a fax. And most of all, you don’t require to spend for the maintenance and repair charges.

Don’t repair your fax machine, replace it

Online fax solutions like XenFax are a far better alternative to the traditional fax machine for numerous reasons. They’re paperless and don’t have all the relevant costs with a machine physically present. For example, you’re not spending for repairs and maintenance, or ink or toner for an online faxing system.

If you combine these primary costs for a month, then they remain quite substantial. On the traditional fax machine, when there’s a breakdown, the fax goes through, sheets of error reports will be printed. This doesn’t appear on an online faxing system. Nor does your business experience a logjam of staff needing to use the fax machines. With an account in XenFax, your staff can send and receive faxes at the same time from their browser and mobile app.

The Fax Machine of the Future

When it comes to updating your communication system, technological advancement is the prime concern of any given business. Fax machines might surely be outdated technology, but faxing isn’t. Companies still use Faxing Solutions for Business. Fax machines might have become less common, but businesses do send faxes. This is for the security purpose of sending business or confidential document via fax.

No doubt that faxing cannot be wholly shut down, but faxing can be shifted to faxing documents online. Online faxing services like XenFax, provide faxing solutions which are reliable and affordable.

With a XenFax account, you only require to spend as low as $4.99 for a month and you will be allocated a dedicated fax number to quickly and securely send and receive fax from anywhere in the world on any given time. All XenFax users are provided by the Web, iOS, and Android applications. XenFax not only gives access to its users to save their sent documents but also syncs all the documents and stores it on the cloud.

If you maintain records or business documents that you require to fax but which aren’t saved on your phone, then you can quickly share them with your selected cloud storage app, such as Dropbox or Google drive, and attach them directly as an attachment and send it from the XenFax application.

XenFax provides you a world-class faxing system which is affordable so that SMBs and startups can accept it and benefit from its latest features.

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