Fabulous Features that Make Customers Fall in Love with Online Fax

Do you remember the last time that you had a bad experience with your ages-old fax machine?

Maybe the provider drastically failed to live up to your expectations or they did not offer the service as promised. That is why most of the business are switching to online fax services.

So in case if you want to discover fabulous features that make customers fall in with online fax then go through the following features.


Online fax is completely portable since it uses the Internet to send and receive all your faxes. Once you have registered to an online fax provider, all you need for faxing is any PC, laptop or smartphone with an internet connection. In brief, with online fax, you will have a virtual fax machine at your fingertips just about anywhere on the globe – Send or receive faxes from anywhere at any time.


Heavy equipment/machine is one of the most concerning things when it comes to traditional fax but you don’t need to buy a machine or any equipment with online fax. Surely, this is one of the greatest things about online fax. On the other side, most of the online fax service providers offer free registration and trial period.

As everything is done through your computer and the internet, users don’t need a fax machine or any papers, toners, and inks. In addition, users don’t need to install and maintain a dedicated fax phone line in order to use this path-breaking way of online faxing.


With web-based faxing, all your faxes are in digitized form, which implies they can be effectively stored, arranged and deleted with one simple click. This offers extraordinary convenience since we as a whole have most likely sought through bundles of papers or records to locate that one fax that we required.

At the same time with online fax users can easily search and find the specific fax they required since everything is digitally stored in the user’s respective online accounts. Another major concern that bothers many is getting junk faxes; in the old framework this can gobble up important assets and tie up your fax machine, yet with online fax you can simply erase your garbage faxes and you can even place a square on the telephone numbers so you won’t get any future junk faxes from that source.

Instant Faxing

Another great feature of online faxing is that users can send or receive numerous faxes at once. There are not any more missed faxes because of busy signals or paper jamming on the grounds that the fax line was locked in. On the off chance that your organization depends vigorously aftefaxing to communicate with customers or for getting deals, then this feature comes handy to the organizations.

Email Powered

As a matter of fact, online fax is firmly identified with email since your faxes are sent as email connections in an assortment of configurations. It connects all your faxing with one of the most helpful specialized devices that made a huge difference – email. What’s more, much the same as utilizing email, sending an online fax is similarly as simple. This straightforwardness is one element which has made email faxing so prevalent.

Fax Broadcasting

Online faxing makes it possible to send a single fax to ‘n’ number of recipients at once without any hassles. This is an excellent way if you want to send out a fax very quickly, no need to manually feed the fax machine. Just enter recipients numbers, add the desired files and just click the send button.

Corporate Scalability

Most of the web-based fax providers offer custom designs and administrations to organizations which gives them a chance to tailor fax services to coordinate with their fax requirements. Since everything is dealt with on the web and hardware free, any organization can scale up or downsize their faxing necessities as the economy or business directs. This can be a continuous and cash saver for any developing organization or business.

Secure Faxing

Another headway, online fax is considerably more secure than ordinary faxing, since it utilizes ‘Secure Sockets Layer’ encryption while sending or receiving your faxes. This guarantees any fax which you send won’t be seen or uncovered to programmers or anybody wishing to do us hurt. This expanded security is a noteworthy reason numerous organizations have changed over to internet faxing, it offers genuine feelings of serenity.

Auto Confirmation

Many online fax service providers will automatically send you an affirmation if your fax has reached its respective recipient. The recipient can even recognize that he has gotten your fax. This offers extraordinary accommodation particularly on the off chance that it is a period touchy fax which must be managed rapidly. In like manner, you can likewise set up Fax Alerts with the goal that your supplier will send you an email ready when you get a fax. Along these lines, you never need to miss another fax again.

Auto Resend

Most of the online fax providers will also automatically resend your fax if it is not received the first time. This will increase your chances that the fax will actually reach its destination. This will increase your odds that the fax will really reach its destination.

As you can clearly see, how online fax does have amazing features that make it very useful and beneficial for businesses, which mostly deals with faxes. If your business looking for online fax services then what you will also have to consider is not only the online fax service provider but also the plan that your business exactly required to not waste money. Most of the fax providers have multiple plans with different pricing packages and a different number of faxes you can send/receive according to the package.

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We believe, customer service is the lifeline of any business and creates loyal customers for life.

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