Fax Machines vs Digital Fax Services: Let’s Conclude the Battle!

Traditional fax machines vs digital fax services – the battle has started long back. But, still, people are confused when it comes to choosing one of these two.

So, which one do you prefer for your business?

Online faxing has many benefits compared to traditional faxing. However, many people are not comfortable to dump their existing fax machine and take a virtual fax system for business.

Definitely, it is not easy to accept a new technology and shift your business operations accordingly. But you must understand that, more often than not, change is better.

So, to help you take the decision, here we are going to share a complete comparison between traditional faxing and digital fax services.

Which is Cheaper?

The initial cost of a traditional fax machine is much higher than the online fax services. You have to pay for the fax machine upfront on top of the cost for paper, toner, and ink cartridges. Whereas, you don’t have such kind of expenditure in the case of digital fax services.

The ongoing maintenance cost is also high for the traditional fax machines. You have to take a dedicated phone connection, which itself is pricey. Also, the cost of total fax documents you send in a month is not small. Not to forget the maintenance cost you have to incur from time to time.

Internet fax providers only charge you for the number of pages allotted in your package. The charges can be on the monthly or yearly basis. If you compare both the charges you’ll understand that online faxing is much cheaper than the traditional one.

Which is Easier to Use?

Have you ever got frustrated with the way you have to fax a document with a fax machine? I am sure, multiple times. You have to place your document in the document feeder, dial the fax number, press on send, wait for the document to finish transmission and finally take your confirmation page. Not a cakewalk, right?

However, anyone with zero computer knowledge also can send a fax online. Digital fax services allow you to send your document in just 3 steps – enter the recipient, attach your document and click on send. And you’re done!

Which is More Efficient?

With a traditional fax machine, you can send only one fax at a time. So, it is no exiting at times when a single document needs to be sent to multiple people. You have to stand in the queue only to send the same fax document again and again.

Digital fax services allow you to send a fax to multiple people at the same time. So, you can save a significant amount of time and boost the productivity of your business. You can even access the sent and received faxes in your preferred channel like Skype, Slack, and WhatsApp. Also, get notified of each received fax so that you can send a reply immediately.

Which is More Accessible?

It is no brainer that, you have to be in front of the fax machine to fax a document the traditional way. With businesses going mobile, it is not always possible. Also, many companies have employees who work from home. So, whether you’re at home or travelling for some business purpose, the need to send a fax can come at any time.

On the other hand, digital fax services allow you to send a fax from anywhere, at any time. Also, there are situations when you need to send signed fax documents on an urgent basis. And, searching for a printer and scanner is time wasting. Online faxing solutions have made this easy by allowing you to sign a fax document from your mobile device with just a finger swipe.

Which is More Organized?

Old fax documents are of much importance at times. However, storing and organizing them is a big challenge. Many times, people find it difficult to search for a specific document from a pile of old fax files.

However, with digital fax services, all your faxes are stored in the cloud allowing you to sort them easily. You can search through and find your preferred fax document within a few seconds. Also, companies like XenFax allow you to save your faxes for a lifetime so that you can see your document whenever you want to.

Which is More Secure?

Fax machines are inherently secure and that is a major reason why companies are still using fax solutions for business. However, we cannot deny the fact that, many times your fax documents are kept unattended. This invites unauthorized access to your sensitive information and potential data breaches. Also, your fax document can get lost or misplaced.

Online faxes can only be accessed by the authorized recipient and no one else. Also, faxes are sent and received using highly sophisticated encrypted transmission. So, you can rest assured as your confidential information will always be secured.

Which is More Environment-Friendly?

Traditional fax machines send around 16 million faxes on an average, which means around 2 million trees are being cut every year. Also, they release many gases which are harmful to the environment. Hazardous chemicals like sodium hydroxide, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine etc. are used as whitening agents to make fax papers.

But that is not the case for digital fax services. All your fax documents will be saved in the cloud and you can access them from anywhere. So, no more paper wastage, you can just take the printouts of those which you really require.

Wrapping Up

From the above comparison between traditional fax machines vs digital fax services, it is not tough to understand who the clear winner is. However, the decision is yours whether you want to continue with your age-old fax machine or move to online faxing.

In case, you have some queries about online faxing, please feel free to contact XenFax or take a free trial to test our digital faxing services.

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