How To Fax Your Senator Using XenFax

The U.S. governmental ado continues to heat up. The succeeding presidential election is on the horizon, and numerous bills are under consideration every day on every minute point from pricing strategy to the environment. Active citizens are watching for methods to contribute their input and share stories with government officials to help develop the administration of the legislation being enacted and funding being admitted.

Whether you are traveling during an election or aspire to give feedback on an essential problem with your senator or deputy, faxing makes it simple to engage.

Here is a denser look at how cloud faxing tools like XenFax make it easier to have a voice in the political process — no fax machine needed for sending the fax.

Contacting Your Senator or Representative via XenFax Cloud Fax

Bureaucrats are continually managing on matters that concern the sectors they serve, as well as the whole country. They depend on critique from their constituents to help manage their decisions.

While there are many means to communicate your opinion to your senators, faxing offers unparalleled gains. Faxing from cloud solutions like XenFax, have more privileges than the traditional faxing systems.

You will avoid busy phone signals and bypass being routed to an intern, and you will never submit a letter over a contact form and question if it has been received.

Faxing your senator lets you include your thoughts in writing, send them straight to their office, and receive verification that the fax has successfully been received.

XenFax offers Digital Signature option, which will enhance the credibility of your document, which will have more chance of being noticed.

How do I fax my senator or representative?

  1. First, check the Senate Directory on the web. The directory presents a comprehensive, up-to-date listing of all the senators who are presently serving, as well as their state, party association, and rank. The U.S. House of Representatives offers a similar directory. Directly enter your zip code to get the name of the representative in your state.
  2. Once you discover the senator or representative, you are attempting to send a fax, click on their name. The link will take you to the elected official’s dedicated website.
  3. Finding a senator’s fax number is simple; it is typically found in one of two places. Check the “Contact” page first or the “Offices” page.
  4. Sending a fax is easy with a cloud fax solution like XenFax. Draft a letter covering what you want to say, edit if needed, attach it with a fax cover letter, sign in digitally and send from anywhere, anytime over the internet through Faxing solution from XenFax.

Cloud faxing solutions from XenFax makes it effortless to send faxes to your state officials, submit an absentee ballot in the event of voting, or send other administrative information.

Send or digitally sign documents right from your smartphone or laptop through XenFax application for Android and iOS.

With cloud faxing, it is not difficult to stay engaged in the political process and assure that your voice is heard.

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