How Online Fax Services Can Ease Your Pain!

Faxing might sound a thing of the past, in reality it still remains one of the most secure medium of exchanging important documents among businesses.

A recent survey by IDC shows that, faxing continues to grow by an average of 27% every year.

With the advancement of technology, everything is going digital. And faxing services are not left behind. Not only you can save time and money, online faxing is environment-friendly too, which gives you an edge over your competitors.

What is Online Faxing?

According to Wikipedia, online fax or internet fax is a technology that uses the internet and internet protocols to send a fax, instead of using a standard telephone connection and a fax machine.

In simple words, internet faxing lets the user to send digital copies of a document from a computer or mobile device to a fax machine. Users can also send already scanned and digitized documents.

Here are some major benefits of online fax services over traditional faxing.

Easy and Convenient

Online fax services allows you to send and receive faxes from anywhere, at any time. And you can do so, without worrying about the bulky fax machine, ink toners or papers. Also, it’s a headache to track and manage the pages of papers. Sorting the pages is altogether a different challenge. With internet faxing you can sort the documents by date, sender or any specific query as all of your pages will be stored online.

Highly Secured

Many a times, documents are left unattended in the fax machine for a long period of time. And, in terms of data security, this is vulnerable. Faxing through internet addresses this issue. Information is encrypted during the transmission process. A person can only access the document from his/ her personal account.

Digital Signatures

Online faxing enables you to sign documents electronically from wherever you are. You can easily sign a fax document from your mobile phone or desktop and fax it back to the concerned person. No need to print anything. They are also legally stronger than signatures provided through many other methods.


Scalability is a crucial feature for any kind of business. Every business is unique and so are their needs. Whether you are a small startup or one that is expanding, you will have varied requirements in different phases. At XenFax, we offer you the solution to scale the fax requirement as and when needed.

Saves Time and Money

No need to spend some huge money on buying paper, ink, fax machines and the associated phone lines. Faxing the traditional way is also time consuming. On the other hand, internet faxing saves you some significant amount of time and money.

Environment Friendly

Online faxing is beneficial to the environment as well. Not only you are saving on the physical space of the company, you also save the environment by cutting on the paper usage. Also, all your past faxes are saved digitally. So, you don’t have to print any physical copy for further reference. It can be viewed or downloaded, as and when needed.

With these many advantages, online fax services are here to stay. So, think wisely and change the way how documents are being sent and received in your business process.

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