How to get rid of outdated fax machines

Businesses which send faxes in today’s business conditions are bound to use fax machines. They use it only because of the client’s demand to have all the documents faxed. Faxing may appear like an outmoded form of communication, but several companies are still using business fax technology to keep their records safe and secure.

Here are the fundamental disadvantages of faxing through a fax machine.

Maintenance and operation:

Let’s get this upright. Fax machines require maintenance and a lot of it. The fax machine takes up a number of things for its maintenance. You need to have a stack of papers, ink, toner, and all the secondary expenditure which needs to be checked from time to time.

Space and Shifting:

Fax machines are enormous. There’s no doubt that it takes a whole lot of space when they are kept at the office premises. They need a separate room or a dedicated space allotted to it for the functioning.

As today’s corporate culture is ever-changing, shifting office spaces is very common. While shifting offices, fax machines are the hardest part. All the accessories need to be carefully arranged for the transfer.

Technical issues:

The fax machine is prone to malfunctions. The fax machines of both the parties’ i.e. at the receiving and sending end must be working at the event of faxing. If this does not happen, the fax sent will not be received and then the whole process needs to be done again.

Paper jam is yet another issue which takes up a lot of time to get resolved.  And these entire series of issues can make a nuisance and hamper day to day activities of the business.

So, what’s the solution? Don’t fret. We’ve got you covered here.

Presenting XenFax, a solution for all your business faxing problems.

XenFax is an online faxing solution wherein the user can send faxes from the browser and mobile app. The faxes are sent over the internet. This is done with the help of cloud faxing system.

Here are the reasons your company needs a faxing solution like XenFax.

  • XenFax has the agility your business needs. With a fast-paced business environment, you really cannot do away with fax machines. This is when you need could faxing system. Send your faxes instantly without any inconvenience.
  • Sent faxes whenever you want and wherever you are. XenFax allows you to send faxes online. This means that online faxes can be sent from anywhere. You just need to log in and there you go. You can send faxes already.
  • The main advantage of online faxing is security. Here the faxes are more secured when compared to a fax machine. Anyone who passes by the fax machine may see the content of the received faxes on the tray.

But, this is not the case with online faxing.

  • Faxing with fax machines can harm the environment as you use papers endlessly to fax. But this is not the case with online faxing. Online faxing is economical as it is paperless.


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