How to Save Paper in Your Workplace (Hint: Fax Online!)

With the eco-friendly movement, many organizations are concerned about the usage of paper and energy in the office space. Companies who are able to think for the environment and reduce day to day waste are getting an edge over those who aren’t.

So, how can you reduce the usage of paper in the company?

There are many ways to save paper in your everyday life like setup direct deposits instead of checks, fax online whenever needed, use reusable napkins instead of paper towels etc. Let’s see 5 simple ways that will help an organization to reduce paper usage in the workplace.

Put Limits on Printing

First of all, say ‘No’ to printing, wherever possible.  Before you print anything, think twice whether you really need to print it. If ultimately your printed paper goes to the waste bin, then there is no point to print it in the first place.

Send a document electronically wherever you can. Also, make sure that your employees are also aware of the same message. You can put some password protection for them, so that they are forced to think twice before printing any document.

Install Office Applications

Office applications like Slack, Evernote, OfficeSuite, Google Drive, Asana etc. help to share files effortlessly. Each of these has some added benefits like note taking, team communication, collaboration, project management etc.

These applications are easy to use and are more effective in managing your business operations. Find and start using the business applications that suit your everyday need. They are a great alternative to paper usage in the workplace.

Shred Your Papers & Recycle

Recycling is a great way to reduce waists. Make a rule and encourage your employees to segregate papers from other type of waists. Provide separate bins to throw paper trashes and make people aware.

However, some office documents are too sensitive to throw directly to the waist bin. In such cases, use paper shredders to shred it properly before throwing.

Use Emails

Email is a popular and easy way of sharing information and files within and outside the organization. Not only it is a great alternative to papers, email is fast and reliable as well. Use emails wherever possible. It reduces the usage of paper and helps you to contact people faster. However, email has its own limitations when it comes to sending sensitive documents.

Start to Fax Online

If you’re from an industry where faxing is a regular need, then consider switching to online faxing from your traditional fax machine. This allows you to save papers on your regular faxing.

XenFax is an online fax service which helps you fax online from anywhere, at any time. Your fax documents will be saved in the cloud for lifetime, so that you can view your needed document without having to find it from a pile of old papers. Still in doubt? Checkout the many other benefits of online faxing then.


Lesser the usage of paper, greener will be your workplace. You can take some easy measures or adopt new technology like starting to fax online. However, it’s best when you combine both. Besides being environment friendly, this helps you to save money as well. Reduce paper usage and switch to online faxing.

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