Mobile Faxing is a 2019 Thing!

Your smartphone does more than just calling!

Faxing is a thing of past. Agreed. By businesses, are still using fax as a key factor in communicating or sending confidential files and documents. People do prefer faxing over emailing a confidential document.

Time for some facts!

According to statistics, as of the third quarter of 2018, there were 2.1 million apps. Apple’s App Store.

This means that there is an app for literally everything. Is it?

When people say that there is an app for nearly anything, they may not really be too far off. Smartphones can be used in a similar manner to fax machines with the use of applications. XenFax here is an example for an online faxing solution provider.

The average person now has a smartphone carrying with them essentially all day, every day.

With the exemption of office access, people do not have access to a fax machine on the go.

Therefore, this leads to the question of if people can fax from their mobile phones or smartphones. How can they find a replacement to all the papers, ink tones and all the basic needs to send a fax? Virtually, yes it is possible.

If you have ever questioned what if your mobile phone could imitate a fax machine, you will be pleased to understand that technology has certainly made it feasible.

But how?

While fax machines are not really compatible with smart devices as of now, there is still a process by which smartphones can fax without being a fax modem or faxing with an existing fax line. Instead, an application connects to an online fax service that transmits the fax over the internet.

How to Fax from your smartphone?

XenFax has launched a mobile application, which allows its users to send faxes from mobile through the application. When you download the applications for iOS and Android, you can change your mobile phone to a fax machine and send business documents from anywhere.

Therefore, when you want a document to be transmitted to a fax machine, simply enter the fax number into the smartphone app and send it across the internet.

Conditions for faxing from a smartphone

Below are the requirements to send a fax from your smartphone from anywhere. Here XenFax

  1. A smartphone (duh, obviously) but with the compatibility of fax application.
  2. A decent internet connection.
  3. An application for faxing i.e. XenFax here.

Sending a fax from your smartphone:

Sending business faxes can be done by scanning files via your smartphone’s camera, an image on your smartphone, or by sending a PDF file through the smartphone app. You can also simply send the fax via email.

Need to add a cover letter or edit the document with a signature or text? This is possible with XenFax. There is no requirement to print, sign and then fax like the fax machine system. Faxes can also be saved on the cloud to keep correspondence convenient and organized.


Bottom line? XenFax provides features like Digital signature and integrations with Zapier, which makes it the most compatible faxing solution in today’s competing world of technology.

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