Online fax for the Government sector

Let’s face it, business and offices still rely on physical copies to share and send official documents. We can just scan and email the same document but faxing still is reliable to send copies which are of great confidentiality. Government sectors use faxing as it is the safest way to communicate with the department internally as well as externally. This is a habitual method followed by the public and other business to communicate with the government to provide forms, acknowledgments and other requests in the form of faxes.

These documents are sent to the official departments by the faxing procedure. This includes information about people, which can be sensitive. That’s why security is the most important aspect here. With a number of copies, sheets, and documents processed by the government department, it needs a system which is efficient and secure.

XenFax for Government Departments

XenFax is a faxing system the government department needs here. XenFax allows these government departments to send and receive faxes without any hardware at premises, i.e. online. The online fax system is a great way to replace the traditional faxing system. Here the government department will also have the advantage as it supports the “Green Government” as it can go paperless and can do a bit by saving the environment.

Problems of Traditional faxing for Government departments

The traditional faxing services include a set of limitations which hinders the company while communicating. The problems faced by the users and the companies at large are mentioned below.

  • The documents which are sent through the traditional faxing system are not secured. Here anyone can get access to the faxes sent.
  • The faxes which are sent can be unauthenticated. A source of the received fax cannot be determined. Faxes can be sent and received from anyone.
  • Companies in the US today needs everything to be recorded and tracked for later use. The faxes sent through the traditional system cannot be tracked.
  • Overheads costs like costs of equipment, operations, and repairs are high when compared to the online faxing system.
  • Waiting time can be more for a fax to come and this directly affects productivity.

Benefits of online faxing/XenFax for Government offices

XenFax offers the government a paperless faxing system which not only increases productivity but also is reliable and affordable at the same time. Confidential and sensitive data is at the core of the department and henceforth, it is vital that you organize the secured and specialized tools for data communication. This is where online fax solutions like XenFax, can take your business to a whole new level.

XenFax features

XenFax provides its users with features and updates which help them progress without any obstructions. The online fax system from XenFax enables us to go paperless while sending a fax.

Government departments’ deal with a massive amount of documents, statements, contracts, forms in the form of faxes. With such high amounts of sending and receiving faxes, the department requires a faxing system which is perfectly reliable and robust.

Fax from your mobile phone

Users from the government department can use the XenFax mobile app and send and receive faxes on the go. Just open the app from your smartphone, it can be your iPhone, or an android, take an image of the file you want to send at any point of time.

Digital signature

In the traditional faxing system, you needed to print, sign and then scan the document for a signature, but with XenFax you can simply add your digital signature and send it across via email and fax.

Post-fax events

The user can get details of sent and received fax files on the preferred channels like Skype, Slack, and WhatsApp.

Expert team

Our expert team is available 24×7 for the support and to handle the queries from the users.


With markets having unlimited plans, XenFax gives its user, a unique type of pricing i.e. Tiered Pricing. Here the user only pays for what he has used. In other words, the user can choose how many faxes/notification he needs and pays accordingly.

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