The Evolution of Faxes and Fax Machines

History on Fax

In 1843, Alexander Bain, a Scottish mechanic invented the first fax machine. Fax, facsimile, telecopy, telefax, or telefacsimile call it whatever you want to but it will still be an outdated scanned print of the document, which is no longer compatible with the latest business communication technology.

Earlier business communication was done through faxes. The business sent faxes of important documents and the higher officials signed it as approval and faxed it back, then the receiver scanned it if there were any changes.

But then technology changed this scenario. People started using wireless transmissions. Then came the analog and digital fax machines.

Fax machine and evolution

The first digital fax machine was developed by Dacom, which was created on digital data compression technology. Xerox advanced to improve the fax machine for years following their groundbreaking first machine. In succeeding years, it would be consolidated with copier devices to create the hybrid machines we have today that copy, scan, and fax.

Since the 1980s, maximum machines change the transmitted audio frequencies by adopting a digital copy of the page, which is compressed to instantly transmit fields, which are all-white or all-black. It was then comfortable to use and could connect to a telephone line. The fax machine we have identified until today was officially born.

How Digital faxes advanced

The high-tech advancement of the fax system headed to faxes becoming a need in United States businesses in the 1980s. This Golden Age persisted in America until the early 2000s.

The fax machine developed from a document transmitter to a copier and then a scanner as well. In a pre-internet age, fax machines were revolutionary. The electric flows involved with electronic printing were captivating. Sending letter-sized files among cities like New York, London or Berlin could only take moments. What a remarkable time for the 20th century!

However, sadly, all good times must come to an end. As the Internet appeared, the fax machine gradually phased out of modern businesses in favor of online choices.

Online faxing solution

As a fax, however, owns a special role in a wide number of businesses, there has been an increase of online fax services, developed to blend the functions of fax with the aid of the internet.

This technology allows users to send and receive faxes from personal computers, laptops, and smartphone devices.

Online faxing has brought fax to level where it is available over the internet – available through email and web-based interfaces – as opposed to only hardware in case of the traditional fax machines.

Now people fax over the internet. This faxing is called the cloud faxing.



A recent survey by IDC shows that, faxing continues to grow by an average of 27% every year. There are thousands of businesses, who are still using fax to send and receive files. This is not done in the traditional way but a new and efficient way, online fax.

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