Online Faxing vs Email – Who Wins the Race?

Fax might seem to be a thing of the past. But to your surprise, it continues to grow by a high percentage every year. According to a recent poll by Spiceworks, approximately 89% of the small and medium-sized organizations still use fax (fax machines and online service) for their regular business needs.

Email is a newer technology compared to faxing. And we must admit, it’s more convenient too. However, there are some critical factors why faxing in any form is still preferred over emails.

Business deals are time sensitive. You may lose a contract if some important documents are not exchanged on time. And, online fax services can anytime serve the purpose better than traditional fax systems.

Here are 4 crucial reasons why online faxing is better than emails. Let’s check each of them in detail.

Email is Not Secure

Many times, documents contain confidential information. And email is not a secure way of sending and receiving such important business information. When a mail is sent, it gets copied, stored and forwarded multiple times in its journey to the destination.

It goes through firewalls to servers to virus checkers without any kind of encryption. This makes it vulnerable to any kind of security threats and your important data may get seen and downloaded by some unauthorized personnel. Whereas, in the case of online faxing companies take many advanced measures to ensure that your important data remains secure.

Need for Faster Signatures

Signatures are still mandatory in many industries and emails cannot serve that need. You can definitely send signatures through fax machines by printing, signing, scanning and sending it back. However, your customers will not wait for ages if you take a long time to send a signed document.

More often than not, you need to sign and send a document quickly. And an online fax system can come to your rescue. It allows you to digitally sign a document and send it to the customer faster than you think!

Emails May Get Blocked

Many companies have implemented powerful filters that scan the emails and reroute them to spam folders for some reasons. The reasons might be many like – inappropriate naming, large size, use of spam triggering words and many such.

So, if you’re sending some important information via email, chances are high that you’ll not hear any reply as the mail has not reached to the recipient’s primary mailbox. Unlike emails, documents sent via online faxing don’t have this issue.

Email Accounts May Get Hacked

We hear a lot of email hacking incidents of email hacking. Because of the inherent inability to security, email accounts are prone to get hacked. Internet scammers can easily hack your email ID and use it for phishing or any such scams. This makes emailing a risky way of transmitting your confidential data. On the other hand, online faxing is a more secure way of exchanging business information.


So, online faxing vs email – who wins the race? In the above discussion, it is evident that online faxing scores high over email in many aspects. And, when you choose the best online fax service, you can rest assured that all your confidential business data is secure and reaches its destination on time.

XenFax is the new age business fax system which allows you to send and receive important business information online. It is the right choice for everyone who values timeliness and data security over anything else in the business.

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