Secure Online Faxing for the Manufacturing Industry

Industries like manufacturers use online faxing as a safe way to communicate (transfer data) with their customers, partners, and suppliers. Nevertheless, as with any manual paper process, records can get lost and procedures can get backed off by poor connections.

In addition to it, manufacturing organizations are feeling a tremendous pressure from their clients to cut expenses and expecting a quick response to the orders. Traditional fax system is the only suspect everyone is figuring out as the weak link in the chain.

This is where the online fax solutions grabbed everyone attention with its state-of-the-art technology. It looks so promising to the manufacturers in building a robust and secure way of transferring data.

On the other hand, online faxing solutions for manufacturers accelerate the faxing process, automating some of the sorting and filing work for sent and received faxes.

At the same time, faxes can be transferred digitally to email inboxes so that the new orders can be received and prepared more rapidly. On top of it all, online faxing solutions don’t require any faxing equipment — just integrate the solution into your existing digital workflow to begin. The overall result is a quicker, more efficient, maximize profits and keep costs to a minimum.

Stay Competitive and Profitable with Cost-Effective Online Faxing Solutions

Your production is lean; your faxing should be, too. Online faxing is helping manufacturers deliver the speed and security their customers demand while keeping costs in check. Every operational dollar is maximized with online faxing, where its users can:

  • Rely upon Tired Pricing models that are highly compatible with the manufacturing industry’s requirements.
  • You can choose a faxing plan that perfectly fits your unique business needs, and scales up or down when your requirement changes.
  • Just pay the money only for what you use, nothing more. This process helps you make the most of every dollar in your budget and assists you in eliminating unnecessary spending on your faxes.
  • Use a new age business faxing solution that helps you get rid of expensive costs for fax machine upgrades and maintenance, and works with the PCs, tablets, and

Enhance Your Order and Supply Chain Process

A smooth manufacturing order process helps you return clients that work with your business over and over again. With secure online faxing, manufacturers are able to do the following:

  • Securely send boundless faxes in the meantime, react to RFIs and RFPs in no time.
  • Keep orders moving along the production chain, regardless of whether it’s incoming or outgoing with delivery and transportation accomplices about shipments in process.
  • Automatically sign the files of purchase orders and contracts with digital signatures for quick and secure deal closure.

Why XenFax Online Fax Services?

Online fax services from XenFax ensures the manufacturing organizations a better alternative to the traditional fax solutions. The complete solution offers a better way to handle fax related tasks by offering never before industry features such as Post Fax Events, Sent & Received Fax Notifications and more.

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