Send Faxes Without A Fax Machine

Are you still using fax machines to fax documents? You are not alone. Companies whether small or big, experts including law firms, real estate agencies, medical institutes, still use fax machines to send confidential documents. It is agile and simple to arrange a faxing system set up with an affordable online faxing solution so you can take your faxes on the go.

How can online fax help?

A conventional, old-style fax machine needs an operating phone line to work. The fax machine initiates a call to the phone number to which you want to send a fax. As soon as the phone call is accepted, the device sends the document to the same number.

Before the advent of modern technology, fax machines remained the only convenient method for securely sending and receiving confidential documents. Still, sending fax was a hassle; you had to type the complete document on a typewriter and then scan it into the fax machine, which then broadcasted it to the specified phone number.

Now, things are little different. We have online faxing, particularly XenFax to solve our technological issues. Send faxes without a fax machine with online faxing solutions like XenFax. Online fax, Internet fax or fax to mail are all the same. Send online faxes directly to any remote fax machine or another online fax number.

How to fax without a fax machine?

Faxing without a fax machine is a lot easier than faxing with it as you can fax a document via the internet. While sending fax online, you can insert the text you wish to fax or upload a document from your computer (usually a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file). When a user registers with an online fax service company like XenFax, a fax number is assigned to them, which they can provide to others like the clients or suppliers, so that they can send faxes to you.

These are usually transformed into a digital format, which is sent to your email address. There is no way to connect to a fax machine over the internet and, therefore, if you wish to send a fax out a fax machine, there are plenty of options online. In this article, we show how to send faxes from your computer without any typing or printing, etc. Sending fax online usually requires a digital/hard copy of your document, so you require to scan it first and then let online fax services, in this case, XenFax, to do the rest.

Send Fax with XenFax

XenFax has massive features to offer its users. You can send and receive faxes when at work, home, or on the go via email mobile application. You can manage your faxes in the Web portal from XenFax, and keep everyone in the contact. You can also receive instant notifications on your preferred channels like when a fax is sent or received.

Sign up for an affordable XenFax tiered pricing plan that starts at $4.99 per month. We also provide a free trial so you have an opportunity to test the product before making a purchase!

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