Are you Struggling in Business? Switch to Online Fax Service and Ease Your Struggles

Businesses are communicating with technology now more than ever. Although the need to communicate will never end, traditional fax machines are slowly becoming a thing of the past in many office settings. Why? Traditional fax machines are clunky, insecure, take up space, and cost a lot in repairs and maintenance.

Due to these struggles, many businesses are making the switch to online fax services. For the sake of this article, let us share the 3 real ways your business can avoid struggles by switching to online fax services.

Improve Faxing Privacy

The main goal of faxing is to securely and efficiently send and receive important information. With traditional fax machines, however, privacy and security can easily be lost. First of all, the incoming or outgoing information is left to sit on the fax machine – unattended – until the right party picks it up. Fax machines also store a record of previous faxes, so anyone with knowledge of how to work the machine can easily view confidential information.

Thankfully, internet fax services allow businesses to send and receive faxes online or via email – meaning only the intended parties have access to important and confidential information.

Reduce Waste

According to Record Nations, the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year. Even more cringe-worthy? At least 45% of that paper ends up trashed by the end of the year. Traditional fax machines add to this waste by using double the amount of paper resources each time a fax is sent or received. In addition to wasted paper, fax machines also require costly repair and maintenance waste.

Email to fax services allows companies to communicate securely and digitally. There will always be a need to copy or print important information. However, internet fax services give you the option to print versus making it the standard. There is no ‘Planet B’ – sending and receiving faxes online is one step in the right direction for your company and the earth it sits on.

Put Your Money Where It Belongs

With any business – especially small businesses – money talks. Where you invest and spend your company’s money can make or break its potential for growth and success. Traditional fax machines are clunky, costly, and in constant need of maintenance and repair. From the cost of ink, toner, and phone lines to the cost of using your IT team to maintain the outdated technology… It adds up!

Internet fax services, like XenFax, offer services that allow you to send and receive faxes from your computer or mobile device for as low as $4.99/month. Their tiered pricing plans allow you to choose the services that best fit the needs of your business. No need to pay for services you do not or will not use! XenFax will meet you where you are and can grow with your business.

Growing your business is as much about taking opportunities as it is about eliminating avoidable business struggles. Traditional fax machines are one of those avoidable business struggles, and XenFax is a leading online fax service provider that is ready to partner with your business. Their team of online fax experts will ensure your questions are answered and the transition is seamless.

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