Can WhatsApp Be Used For Business Faxing

Launched in the year 2009, WhatsApp has been the most used application with the user base of 600 million active monthly users. This mobile app allows users to text, share files, pdf and much more.

WhatsApp has gained prevalence with the millennials and the generation Y, businesspersons, executives, and all the working class people as all they do use WhatsApp in their everyday routine. From texting messages in a family group to important discussions on client requirements on the office group, we need WhatsApp for our daily purposes.

With these many people using WhatsApp, people require everything on WhatsApp, be it their movie tickets or just a location they plan to go. Then why is faxing confined to office numbers and desktops? With functionalities that can also be used for business purposes, using WhatsApp for business communication can be a great approach. In addition, XenFax has made this approach into reality.

WhatsApp for business

While online faxing does have an application, it is certainly been installed on your office phone. However, what about instant access from WhatsApp which is available 24×7.

XenFax is an online faxing solution, which has a feature where the users have instant access to their faxes from their WhatsApp application.

With the integration of XenFax and WhatsApp, users can have an instant view of the faxes received and all the notifications when faxes are sent and received.

Integrating WhatsApp with XenFax

WhatsApp is one of the channels, which is supported by XenFax. Therefore, you can be assured that you get notified about every sent and received fax document immediately.

Once you are done with the process of integrating your XenFax account with WhatsApp, you will get notifications of faxes sent and received instantly.

XenFax For Business Faxing

As faxing is an integral part of every business, one adapts different forms of communications in business but cannot depart faxing from any business.

As this process is still accepted and is continued to be used by various kinds of business, online faxing is more reliable than the traditional faxing solutions.

With so many choices, faxing still holds its importance because of the security it provides. While the traditional faxing system may also include the threat of mishandling, online faxing servers this purpose effectively and efficiently.

Forget about the trouble of faxing the conventional way. With XenFax, you can easily send and get your official files and documents from anywhere in the world.

You can also save your worthwhile time and money, as XenFax offers cost-effective online faxing plans for businesses of any size. As fax is the short way to call Facsimile, XenFax is the quickest way to send and receive faxes online!

Sending documents via email can be risky, as these are not secured. Which means that the data sent over the emails can be mishandled and misused.

XenFax is a cloud faxing solution, which provides faxing option from the browser, mobile application, email, and the latest applications including Skype, Slack, and WhatsApp.

Traditional faxing may die, but sending confidential business documents will be present. Moreover, people need a secure way to send files and document which can be safe and reliable.

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