Why Healthcare Industry is Moving Towards Online Faxing

If you’re into healthcare industry such as a health care services or pharmaceuticals, then it’s high time to judge the suitability of your hardware and IT equipment and how it stands up to data security threats either internal or external.

Did You Know?

Under multiple acts like the Data Protection Act, the Human Rights Act, NHS Act, the Health and Social Care Act, it is the duty of healthcare industry, to safeguard the protected health information (PHI).

Traditional Faxing vs Online Faxing

Healthcare is one among the few industries that are vulnerable to data threats as it mainly depends on paper.

In terms of hardware and IT, the traditional fax system is a perfect example of a widely used legacy technology that is placing the data of patients at risk.

Following are some of the fundamental risks that traditional fax machines pose for the industry and why electronic faxing has emerged as the best alternative to overcome the problem.

The Problem with Traditional Faxing for Healthcare Industry

Drug stores across the US get a high volume of faxed prescriptions each and every day. In addition, most of the tome traditional fax machines don’t meet the strict rules and regulations set out by the National Health Service (NHS).

Printed records are effortlessly lost and vital data frequently lays over the fax machine before being documented. It isn’t incomprehensible for a curious bystander to look at confidential files and acquire data that they should not access to.

This sort of visual hacking ought to be a concern for any business that is highly dependent on traditional fax machine, especially a company that operates within the healthcare industry.

To prevent unethical behavior from employees, and to ensure your business is completely compliant with all the security protocols, your company should consider implementation of online fax system as part of its next IT upgrade.

Benefits of Online Faxing for Healthcare Industry

Private and sensitive data is at the core of the industry and henceforth, it is important that you organize the implementation of secure specialized tools for data communication. This is where online fax solutions like XenFax, can take your business fax system to a whole new level.

Drug stores handle extensive volumes of inbound prescriptions through faxing. With such high volumes of sent and received faxes, your store requires a faxing system that is 100% reliable and robust.

But, paper jams and empty printer cartridges are the common worries for any drug store staff those who use a traditional fax machine. These issues can be easily solved with online faxing.

Fax from your mobile

People of healthcare industry can use the XenFax mobile app to send or receive a fax right from their smartphone. Whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android, nothing can stop you from being productive. Just open the phone’s camera to take a picture of a file from anywhere at any time.

Sign documents digitally, without printing

XenFax removes the need to print, sign and scan documents via a digital signature feature. Users can add a digitized signature on a computer, tablet or smart phone. The document can then be forwarded via email or fax.


Undoubtedly, online faxing is super secure and the best way to transfer your vital files in a secure and confidential way. Users don’t have to worry about plagiarization or loss of their files in any circumstances as it will be stored in the cloud.

So, if you’re into healthcare industry consider moving to online faxing for safe, secure and reliable data transfer.

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