How XenFax Services Will Help To Troubleshoot The Online Faxing?

The term ‘online fax’ was first used during the twilight of the year 1990 after MCI Mail’s “fax dispatch” service in 1988. It was a hosted service, and as was the case with most early commercial internet services at that time, the online fax availability was still slow and distasteful. However, more than a decade later, the internet has evolved into a universe of its own offering a diverse ecosystem that serves one and all with lightning speed and efficiency.

However, the internet fax for long walked on similar lines as the traditional fax.  It still relied on a fax machine and was extremely taxing. Today when we talk about smart fax we think beyond sending and receiving documents. However, this was not the case even a few years ago.

While fax online is a welcome change from the perils of traditional fax but sending a fax from your computer still requires a dedicated internet connection. In simple words, online fax during its teething stage was more or less invisible fax machine. However, Xenfax offers a smart fax solution that fills the cracks in online faxing perfectly.

Here’s a table for comparison:

The FAX Process Online Fax XenFax
Step 1 Attach fax document with email addressed to the recipient fax number. No Scanning required,

Select the document directly from multiple channels, phone storage or cloud.

Step 2 Internet Fax service provider translates the attachment in fax format to be readable by a fax machine. Select single or multiple recipients on the free fax app and press the send button.
Step 3 The encoded document data is sent to the recipient over phone lines. The recipient is notified about the fax automatically.
Step 4 The Fax Machine at the recipient end decodes the received data and prints the fax The recipient receives the fax in his/her preferred communication channel.

A closer look at each step would make you realize that the erstwhile online fax is actually an invisible traditional fax machine. There are good reasons to believe so, and the primary among these is speed and efficiency.

Let’s say you are a doctor in Atlanta and you have to send an important prescription note to one of your patient currently enjoying an African Safari. Will you ask your patient to the first search for a fax service provider?

Online fax is paralyzed with a host of key issues in terms of speed and availability. Xenfax offers you a free fax app that you can carry to the remotest corners of the globe and yet get served with all your 21st-century fax needs.


The Power Of XenFax Cloud: You’re Anywhere Fax

Unlike other online fax solutions, the Xenfax cloud fax solutions were born on the internet and designed strictly for the internet which means previous online faxing issues like Oversize Packets, Delay Tolerance, Packet Loss and Rearrangement do not paralyze Xenfax services.

Xenfax is smart fax, and you can easily integrate your Dropbox, google drive accounts with Xenfax. With Xenfax you can put all your fax worries at rest and start faxing from anywhere anytime.

Collaboration for Efficiency: Multichannel faxing

Collaboration is the key to creativity and efficiency. Xenfax allows businesses to introduce greater collaboration in its incoming, outgoing and cross-functional communication. The Xenfax free fax app offers users to connect their fax/communication environment with a host of another internet/business/health and legacy services like DropBox, Healthcare departments, Google drive, WhatsApp, Slack, etc releasing you of all your traditional fax headaches.

Cloud Secure: Faxing With Caring

Integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. means that the legacy or other documents get the care and security they deserve. The integration is easy and adds another layer of security to the free fax app. This additional layer of connectivity ensures efficiencies and security unseen in erstwhile online fax solutions.

Smart, Secure and Free Fax

Online faxing with a privately hosted framework cannot offer cost-effective faxing solutions. Fax is unlike sending a mail. Fax documents require frequent editing, signing, digital signatures, etc. As such the Xenfax offers a host of features which users can choose as per their requirements. With Xenfax users can Edit, Sign and Send document on the go without even downloading them. They can also drag and drop digital signatures, add cover letters before sending the fax.

Last but not least, Xenfax offers all this and more at the price of a trifle. In fact, sending fax over using the Xenfax smart fax app cost less than 5 cents and you can a whole lot of options from our attractive tiered pricing plan.

Visit our homepage and register now for a hassle-free online faxing solution.

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