Multiple Channels

You know the importance of timeliness in business. Many a times your customer faxes a document and expects to receive your response instantly. With XenFax, now you can get an instant notification whenever you receive a fax online. This ensures that, you can take the necessary actions immediately.

The Multiple Channel feature allows you to get notified of sent and received faxes on your favorite channels. You can enable this option by using Post Fax Events in your XenFax account. XenFax also lets you track your fax data in 1000+ apps like Zendesk, Salesforce, Drive, Dropbox and many others through Zapier integration.

Which channels are supported by XenFax?

Currently XenFax supports Skype, Slack and WhatsApp.

How to integrate different channels?

The channel integration process is different for every channel. You may go through this section for a detailed explanation on the complete process.