Tiered Pricing

Many a times you may end up buying a higher-end fax plan, which you may not need in reality. Also, you may not want to go for an annual plan by paying the whole amount of money upfront. So, a tiered pricing plan can come to your rescue.

The USP of this pricing structure is that, you only pay for what you use and can scale up as per the need of your business. This is the perfect solution for small businesses and startups.

Base plan at XenFax starts at $4.99/month. Plan details for your reference are given below:

Plans Pricing
First 100 Pages / Notifications $4.99/month
Next 101 - 500 Pages / Notifications $9.99/month
Next 501 - 1000 Pages / Notifications $14.99/month
Above 1000 Pages/ Notifications $4.99/ Every 100 Pages

With the base rate of $4.99/month, customers will get a new fax number along with first 100 faxes/notifications.

How Tiered Pricing Works?

Suppose, you have taken the basic plan at $4.99. So, you can fax first 100 pages/ get notifications in that plan (each notification is calculated as 1 page).

Once, you exceed that limit you will automatically get upgraded to the next plan i.e. $9.99/month and so on. After calculating your total usage in a month, the invoice will be sent to you at the end of that month.

For further details related to pricing, you may please write a mail to support@xenvoice.com